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Splashscreen and Icon Generator

This tool will help you to take your own images (preferrably square sized) and create resized versions of them for your splashscreens and icons which require all those different sizes for different platforms.

Initially I created it for my own purposes but I thought it might be helpful to other game developers too ;-)


  • Load your own separate images for splashscreens and icons or use the same image for splashscreens and icons
  • Comes with common presets for different platforms
  • Add, update or delete presets
  • Presets are made up of width and height and a type (splashscreen or icon)
  • Presets will be saved automatically on program exit
  • Save a single image for the selected preset
  • Save all images for all splashscreen presets with one button click
  • Save all images for all icon presets with one button click
  • Save all images for all splashscreen and icon presets with one button click
  • Select the output directory where the images are written to
  • Select a filename prefix for your images
  • All generated filenames contain prefix, preset type, width and height in their name for easy recognition
  • Get a preview of any selected preset
  • The tool resizes the original image for the best centered fit into the given preset area
  • Source and preset images shouldn't be bigger than 4096 x 4096 pixels
  • All generated images will be in png format

Hints and tips

  • For best results use square source images (like 1024 x 1024 pixels)
  • Due to some GameMaker limitations the target directory should already contain a file that you must select to specify the target directory (see last two screenshots - I used a file named "ignore.txt" in the target directory)


This tool will be free. Please consider a small donation (1 or 2 $ would be fine) if you find this tool helpful.


Feel free to leave suggestions and helpful feedback.


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