Some mean hacker corrupted all power lines in our biggest cities.

It is your job to re-establish them!

Each city has a limited resource of energy which will only last a little while so you better hurry and reconnect all power plants to the city.

Beware: different power plants (windmills, solar panels, modern wind turbines) produce different amounts of energy - you should connect the biggest producers first...

This game was created for Ludum Dare 39 and finished in around 20 hours total.

I'm pretty happy with the result (except that I failed on the music again) and I hope that you have some fun playing my game!

Feel free to give some feedback below (and/or have a look at my other stuff on



Install instructions

The download file is the GameMaker Studio 2 project.

You can import it into GMS 2 and have a look at the (hopefully not too messy) source code and terrible programmer's art.


LD39_PowerLinesDown.yyz 262 kB

Development log

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